References – Samples

References – Samples


Some of Our Customers

  • Behring AG

    Plasma protein biotherapeutices

  • Braas GmbH

    The leading provider of pitched roof systems in Germany

  • Degussa

    Gold trading

  • Finnair

    Finnish airline

  • LOT

    Polish airline

  • Instore-Marketing

    Display systems manufacturer

  • Leica Camera AG

    Manufacturer of high quality cameras

  • m.e.n.s. – Heinecke & Klaproth

    Clothing company

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

    The leading auditing and consulting company in Germany

  • SEB AG

    Germany subsidiary of one of the largest Swedish banks

  • VDI

    Association of German Engineers

  • ixetic GmbH

    Automotive supplier

  • Bavarian State Ministry

    Award advertising contracts, among other things

  • Bürgi Nägeli Rechtsanwälte

    One of the largest law firms in Switzerland

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